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Casa Flores Mexican Restaurants proudly stand as cherished family-owned and operated establishments, where every visitor is welcomed into a haven of warmth and friendliness. Our restaurants are more than just places to enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine; they are embodiments of our family’s rich heritage and enduring values. When you step into any of our locations, you are not just a customer; you become part of our extended family.


At Casa Flores, we take great pride in crafting an atmosphere that mirrors the essence of our family morals and values. Each location is carefully designed to radiate a sense of hospitality, creating a space where people from all walks of life can come together, share laughter, and create cherished memories. Our commitment to these principles is what sets us apart, ensuring that every dining experience with us is not just a meal but a delightful journey filled with authenticity and heart.


Our dedicated and friendly staff members are passionate about providing top-notch service, making you feel not just welcomed, but truly valued. We believe in going above and beyond to exceed your expectations, leaving you with a lasting impression of our hospitality.


Currently, Casa Flores operates several uniquely individual locations, each with its own charm and character. Nestled in the heart of the Central Valley of California, our restaurants have become integral parts of their communities. Beyond offering delectable Mexican cuisine, we also cater to the diverse culinary needs of the regions we serve. Whether it’s a family celebration, a corporate event, or any special occasion, Casa Flores is your trusted partner in creating memorable culinary experiences.


When you dine with us or entrust us with your catering needs, you can be assured that you are not just supporting a business but becoming a part of our enduring legacy. Casa Flores is not just a restaurant; it is a celebration of family, community, and the joy of sharing delicious meals with the ones you love. Join us, and let our family welcome yours into the heartwarming embrace of Casa Flores Mexican Restaurants.

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400 E. Kettleman Ln #5,
Lodi, CA 95210
(209) 365-0559

1032 E. Hammer Ln Ste. B,
Stockton CA 95210
(209) 957-5960

4631 E. Fremont St.
Stockton, CA  95215
(209) 932-0471


3499 Brookside Rd.,
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 474-2272